Monday, May 6, 2013

Yummy Fruit, A Car Full of Family, and Spending Time Reflecting on Life

     This morning began wonderfully with my mother making French toast for me. I had to go to the library to shadow Meri and rushed down there with only ten minutes to get there. During my walk, my shoe came untied and begged me to retie it. So on the cracked and familiar sidewalk by the slow moving river I bent to tie the silly little shoe. While kneeling there, I heard, as though for the first time, the sounds of the birds: the duck quaking and the robin singing. I heard the water slowly passing on by. And it was beautiful. Sometimes when I get so caught up in life I forget to experience the beauty of God's creation. It's something I need to work on. Just listening.
      I also wanted to note on is the section that I wrote, "A car full of family". To that part I want to say that at that time I was not happy to be in a small car full of kids all talking and arguing about where to go out to eat (a special treat from Dad). I realized that this is family, and big families bicker and argue but we all love each other. The small arguments will pass over and calmness will prevail. Soon afterwards we all easily decided where to go to eat.
      This being written a few weeks after I don't remember where we went, but now I remember something Ann Voskamp said in her book. She said that the thanks always precedes the miracle. I suppose that happened in the car in a way. I became thankful for that car full of family rather than bitter about it, and suddenly we could easily and peacefully decide where to go to eat. Not particularly what I would call a miracle, but personally choosing not to argue brought a lot of peace.
       This day I also spent about an hour just reflecting on life and writing out my thoughts and emotions. It felt wonderful, and I plan on doing it more often.

April 23, 2013
292. The smell of French toast
293. Getting things done
294. Obedience. I'm thankful for that feeling when you choose to just obey.
295. Good weather for walking
296. Messenger bags, great for walking
297. Green melon (honey dew melon)
298. Really good strawberries, the ones that out taste all the rest :)
299. Hummus- so good!
300. Blackberries oh so yummy!
301. Reflecting on life. Just writing out my emotions and what I'm thinking.
302. Clouds reflecting in the sideview mirror
303. Another dentist appointment to tell me I have really good hygiene. I was just disappointed that this year wasn't so perfect as others. Apparently I really need to floss every day. My gums are starting to feel the effect of hardly any flossing in 17 years. (yikes!)
304. Sharing a good book title with a worker in the dentist office (she saw the book one thousand gifts and seemed interested in it!)
305. Having to stop to tie my shoe. It made me hear the beautiful nature sounds that I was missing as I rushed to the library. The beautiful sound of water and ducks and robins made me stop for a moment and praise God for His creation :) Sadly, I couldn't enjoy it long since I really did need to get to the library quickly!
306. A car full of family :)
307. Big, heavy raindrops on our roof

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