Monday, February 3, 2014

30 Fun Goals for 2014

     I saw on Her Library Adventures, a blog I follow, a fun little list of 30 Fun Goals to do this year. She did a similar list for last year. And I absolutely love the idea! So I created my own list of 30 Fun Goals for 2014. Some of them require building habits day to day, week to week, and others are just things I want to do this year- one time, check, activities.
  1. Go to the concert of a folk/indie band: I would love if it was The Vespers, Lyric Everly, or Jenny and Tyler, but most of my favorite bands just toured in Michigan last year. :( However, I just found out that Lorde is coming here next month! I don't love her music, but it definitely has been categorized as indie and the music part (not the lyric part) is pretty good :)
  2. Learn the ukulele
  3. Read minimum 25 (high goal of 50) classics
  4. Read more non-fiction
  5. Spend less time surfing Internet, more time being productive
  6. Journal more
  7. Take more pictures and PRINT my pictures (I never print my pictures and wish I did, especially for hanging on the walls in collages)
  8. Make 3 art pieces (we are talking finished, big art pieces here)
  9. Do Devotions everyday
  10. Doodle more- fill my small sketchbook (crazy idea!)
  11. Fill one notebook (writing notebook, which is, of course, different than a drawing notebook)
  12. Eat more healthy foods- don't munch on unhealthy foods
  13. Girls night sleepover, cut out magazines
  14. Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon
  15. Read all Jane Austen's novels
  16. Go to Liz's Bookstore and sift through the stacks, finding books
  17. Get up early
  18. Go to Rhema's, the coffee shop in Flint
  19. Start writing the book I would want to read
  20. Drink tea more often
  21. Have tea with someone- proper tea party either at home or Sweet Thymes in Hartland
  22. Go to a midnight premiere! (I'm thinking the last Hobbit installation hehe)
  23. Get a tattoo
  24. Get more piercings (cardilage, nose, third piercing?)
  25. Find a nice pair of leather riding boots
  26. Make bread
  27. Cook 1 meal every week
  28. Make ice cream
  29. Road trip (would love to go to Kentucky to my relatives or my best friend's, Sarah's, house)
  30. Learn some of my favorite songs on the piano:
    • Dawn from Pride and Prejudice
    • Hedwig's Theme
    • Downton Abbey- The Suite
    • Colors of the Wind
     Evidently, reading is heavily featured here. I've realized I have read very few of the classics I own, and since working at the local library, I have begun to discover the gems in non-fiction. Number 16 on the list is crossed out because I just recently did it! I discovered that I own a lot of the classics I want to read. Therefore, I hope to move from collecting classics to reading them aggressively. :) At Liz's I found some great contemporary books: Water for Elephants, One Day, and The Notebook, to name a few.
     So far cooking one meal a week has gone down unsuccessfully, but I won't put too much pressure on myself. I still have eleven months left, and I likely won't finish everything on this list. Nonetheless, this being the last day of January has made me realize I have very little time left until I turn eighteen. It's been my goal to read all of Jane Austen's novels and Little Woman before I become an adult. I have less than 4 months! Yikes! Right now I'm reading Emma and Les Miserables (oh my goodness, amazing!)
     And that's it! 30 Fun Goals for this year. I look forward to the rest of the year so much. :)

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