Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Favorite Music Lately

      I like to say that I like pretty much every genre. Seriously. One minute I can be listening to Christian rap the next classical music and then on to country. It really depends on my mood. I have listened to the Christian songs I grew up on, hymns, folk, indie, rock (very little of that), and many other types of music. However, in these past few months as I've made more and more finds of absolutely favorite artists, the music I listen to falls into only a few genres. While I still like most genres, I don't listen to all of them anymore, only occasionally touching in on something like country.
     Lately the music I listen to falls into groups of people/ a genre. The group of people I listen to the most is Jenny and Tyler, The Vespers, and Lyric Everly (if you're not counting my obscure amount of hours racked up by listening to Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit soundtrack in the background of sleeping and school haha). In the category of Jenny and Tyler and The Vespers, I'm still trying to find artists I like. Other "categories" I listen to:
  • Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Christina Perri
  • The Piano Guys and 2Cellos
  • Lord of the Rings Soundtrack (far too much than is healthy haha), The Hobbit soundtrack, Enya
  • Classical music
  • Taylor Swift- I'm falling back in love with her music. :)
  • And of course I listen to Jenny and Tyler, The Vespers, and Lyric Everly- a lot.
  • Oh, and I discovered Steam Punk Giraffe, which is really good. I was bummed to miss their concert in Michigan.
     If you have any other suggestions for music you think I'd like, let me know! :D Maybe someday I'll share some of my favorite music in lists. Just recently picked up some fun list journals, but sh.. more about that this weekend. ;)

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