Friday, January 10, 2014

I Should do this... but I Want to Do...Balancing the Two?!?!?!

Goals for 2014 to do a bit of everything
      I feel like I've been missing out on life lately. I've missed doing fun little things that I really enjoy. I haven't been listening to the music I really like. I haven't been reading YA romances. I haven't been spinning in circles, laughing. All my life has been lately is very serious stuff. My focus has been feeling guilty about not getting much homework done, doing my best at work, and feeling guilty about not reading enough classics. I guess I'm tired of feeling guilty about things that are fun and not bad when I should just enjoy them; laugh with the earth, dream, dance, dwell on pleasant things. Everything that I should be doing I fool myself into thinking I really want to. And I guess in a way I do. I want to read more classics. I want to listen to classical music (I really do like it). I want to do really well at work and constantly be working hard and getting lots done. After all I would love for the library to be clean and organized. I want to eat healthy because I like fruits and veggies. I want to do my homework because I like learning.
     But I also want to listen to Katy Perry, Lyric Everly, Jenny and Tyler, The Vespers, and Disney songs. I want to wear dresses more often. I want to dream of pretty little things: cute tea cups, flower fields, and a good book. I want to go back to my love of bohemian style.
     Basically my life isn't very well balanced with things I want to do and things I need to do. So here are some simply written goals for 2014:
  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Listen to fun music more often
  3. Do more homework
  4. Read more good books: a mix of classics and YA
  5. Do my devotions each morning or night
  6. Drink more tea
  7. Write in my journal more often- this is a big one
  8. Attempt to write more blog posts (:P haha)
  9. Evaluate when I really need to be on the internet and when I could be doing something better, but yes, let myself go on the computer a little bit each day.
  10. Print out more pictures and things I find from the internet and build an inspiration collage on my wall
    Then there are a few things I really want to do soon to feel more at home in the kind of room I want to live in:
  • Paint my room. What color should I paint it?
  • Completely organize my closet
  • Draw with the new media I just got for Christmas

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