Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Day So Empty and Yet So Full!

     Tuesday not much happened. It started raining halfway through the day and rained all through the night (on and off of course). I finally came to terms that it's going to rain all week long. My window has more raindrops on it than I can count. Despite nothing happening yesterday, I found the day was quite full of little things that I truly am thankful for. :)

April 9, 2013
73. Pools of water reflecting the trees, the many trees of the small wood
74. Showers to wake me up and feel clean
75. Open windows that bring in a bit of light
76. Black and white pictures
77. Ability to make things with my hands that express something about me
78. Eraser whales ;)
79. My go to comfy zip up jacket
80. Basic PB&Js (J being jam not jelly)
81. Renew button for when I don't feel like going out to return a book since it's raining
82. Raindrops on the window
83. A dull, nearly colorless world outside. Grey skies, forlorn trees with leaves yet to grow, a single evergreen tree and one red robin are the only color in the pictures. Dead grass, a white house, leftover foliage decaying from last fall. Winter is slowly leaving, but spring has not yet come forth in her full glory. One day, the rose bush below my window will have little buds that will blossom into beautiful roses, but right now all is sleeping. The rain is bringing new life to the picture outside my window, and so I will let it rain and let the days be miserable. For soon May will bring flowers. For now I will be content with the morning song of the chirping birds and the afternoon music of rain, constant rain though always changing its pattern. One moment fast and heavy, the next light and barely noticeable. It will rain all week, my mother said. I have now come to accept that. In a way this lonely, dreary world is beautiful, despite the rain.
84. Dreaming and making plans for my blog
85. Improper table manners, oh my we are a funny family
86. Watercolor skies with all shades of blue, white, and grey
87. The "nice jacket" joke with my dad (we both have the same fuzzy guy jacket. It was too cheap and too comfy for me to pass it up)
88. Spartan cheese sticks. So good! Like mini blocks of cheese or long cheese cubes.
89. Chocolate chips :)
90. The sounds of many different kinds of birds chirping
91. Mist, shrouding the bare trees far off
92. Quick walks (a little past the driveway and back) due to sudden downpours of rain
93. A breath of fresh air, of air right after it rains. The smell of wet earth and life.
94. Learning to let little kids do it their war, especially when writing a story with very little time to do it. (I'm tutoring my sister, Kaitlyn, and it's very hard not to point out a better way to phrase something)
95. Lightening and mighty thunder, it's much more exciting than constant rain and drizzle ;)
96. Being wanted, no, needed to keep the peace. So thankful for my ability to work with Kaity on her schoolwork, despite the strain it puts on my patience.
97. Finally understanding the need to pace. A burning itch swells up, pushing you to move in order to pass time and so one paces back and forth as they wait, wait for someone to be done or wait for an idea to come. For some time I paced, until my dad said it was affecting the atmosphere of the room. Kaity could feel my impatience, and so I needed to calm down. Nonetheless, I learned what it was like to need to pace. It was always something I wondered at in books and movies. haha ;)
98. The sound of rain, it's really quite pleasant. :)
99. Getting paid to "tutor" (help) Kaity with her homework. Everyone knows all I have to do is sit there and occasionally encourage her to keep going. Of course, it usually becomes a grueling two or three hour event. Got $20 for it. Now this is something I can do (certainly over babysitting her)

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