Monday, April 15, 2013

Constant Changing Weather and Waiting Out the Storm Inside Others To See the Rainbow at the End

     Saturday had every kind of weather one can imagine. One minute it was chilly but nice, the next snowing (in April!), then it was warm and sunny with white fluffy clouds, and finally it turned dark and rain began again. Yah, that's Michigan for you. No two hours were the same when I looked outside. My mother even remarked that every time she and my sister, Kaity, came outside of a store, the weather was different. They were shopping all day at tons of stores: that's a lot of weather changes. Nonetheless, the events inside were fairly peaceful. We lounged around for the most part, watched a movie or two, snacked, and watched my brother and Dad play StarCraft. My dad's mom from Kentucky called, and let me tell you that Grandma Carol can talk for forever. :) It was nice hearing her voice again, though, and we chatted about numerous things. Other than that, the day was fairly boring. We did end the day with Oreos, and Oreos always make a day better. ;) They are especially wonderful when sharing them with one's youngest sister over fun little conversations. The moment was furthered rendered special since she had moments before been telling me to leave. I waited out her anger and what do you know, but she lightened up a bit and soon we were laughing and smiling. :)
      One of the biggest things I kept thinking about while writing this list of things I find to be thankful for each day is that I was hardly ever (read never) thankful when things were stirring in the Griffith household. In fact, I hated it when a fire started raging. My youngest sister is know to be a bit crabby sometimes and Saturday was no exception when she came back from shopping all day long. I kept searching for something to be thankful for so I wouldn't get really mad at her. I found that in between her grumps she was incredibly joyful, all smiles, and it was so sweet that I was able to focus on that. :) As for all the other things I found, here's the list for Saturday:

April 13, 2013
129. Long conversations with distant grandmothers
130. Snow drifting and dancing in the air
131. Bright blue patches of sky between dark rain clouds (or snow clouds, I guess)
132. A world finally getting some color in it after days of dreary, rainy days. The colors: a fairly bright green of the recently watered grass, red of the robins searching for food, white of the snow, bright blue of the sky, dark grey of the snow clouds, and brown of the woods.
133. The beautiful oddity of green grass of the Spring with bright white of dancing snowflakes.
134. I suppose now I'm thankful for the week of rain God sent us; it livened everything up, bringing life. I just hope it doesn't rain as much anymore
135. Bright outdoors
136. Swooping birds
137. Drifting clouds
138. Strong winds that shake trees
139. Beautiful poetry
140. Quotes. Just came across this one:
             "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
by Mary Oliver          
141. White puffy clouds against bright blue skies :)
142. Writing with a pen. No, it's better called recording life with a pen. I'm recording my in the small things, in the events, in the people, in the feelings, in the everyday life through giving thanks and recording it in this journal. I'm thankful for writing with a pen. :)
143. Seeing Kaity's happy little moments in between her grumpy ones. Even on evenings where she's being incredibly grumpy, verging on unbearable, she has moments of happiness.
144. Fun, little conversations with Kaity over Oreos and milk
145. Carris' creature concoction with a bunny slipper, flowers, and who knows what else. (it was cute)
146. Kaitlyn's pink rosy cheeks, just like a baby doll's.
147. Mom combing my hair
148. For clear commandments in the Bible that relate to issues like homosexuality and abortion. Both are wrong according to the Bible and I will stand by God's Word.
149. Penguin PJs ;)
150. Cluttered desks

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