Monday, April 29, 2013

Warm Sunlight, Joyful Children, and Fun Times With Friends

     This Sunday began with really enjoying the morning sunlight as I ate breakfast. Amidst all the turmoil of getting the family ready for church, I stopped and closed my eyes, letting the sun warm my eyelids. It's a beautiful feeling that I can't help but be thankful for every time. The rest of the morning went by smoothly as we all got ready for church. Today during church time I was filling in for Mrs. Richardson in the toddler room. I love the little kids. :) They are so cute! Time in the toddler room went well. Jess H. and I were the only people in there. I enjoyed working with her, of course. ;)
    When we got home, we did something we rarely do: we watched TV. Shocker, right! My family sat down and watched some dirt bike racing. :) Right after that I watched bull riding. Oh my goodness I love it! One of my favorite memories was a visit to Murray, Kentucky where a number of our relatives live. While down there we went to the town rodeo. Lots of cowboys, cute guys, and plenty of excitement from the bull riding. I must add that it was rather scary that someone had to be taken to the hospital for a neck or back injury (he went flying up in the air before coming straight down, hard). Other than that moment, the night was spectacular, and I would love to go again!
      Besides watching some cowboys compete against the bulls, I also laid down to take a nap. However, I decided I could be doing something far more productive than nap (despite being extraordinarily tired). I think that is a great mentality to have all the time and hope to keep it in mind whenever I feel like being lazy. So up I got and did various things like school work and stuff for the missions trip meeting for that night.
      There were many fun memories made this night at the meeting, but I've written about them in my list of thanksgiving. Therefore, I'll let you read them there. :)

April 21, 2013
271. The sun glistening off the water
272. Warm sunlight on my eyelids
273. Frozen puddles in the backyard, sunlight sending thousands of glittering reflections of light
274. I don't have to dress up today since I'm in toddlers/nursery (thankful 'cause I haven't shaved!)
275. Little boy saying "Woo-hoo!" to the news his parents will be here soon
276. Little girls with long, beautiful blonde hair
277. Watching dirt bike racing with my family (on tv)
278. Bull riding- it's awesome
279. Cowboys haha oh yes
280. Chocolate chip cookies made by Kaity :)
281. Choosing to get up and do something rather than take a nap (Defeating laziness!)
282. The internet is funky sometimes and won't load instructional work out videos (because I'm still lazy haha)
283. Finding 52 Lists challenge. I'm 15 weeks behind, but these look really fun to do. :)
284. Jess H. and I got the highest scores for memorizing verses. Jay then said, "10 points for Gryffindor!" Jess and I replied in sync, "Ravenclaw!" It was so awesome!
285. Acting totally mature with Tori JK! We are so immature sometimes haha
286. Tori and I scattering each other's prayer cards so that we can get the spot we want for ourselves. And stealing the other person's. It was all very funny. We were so mature. lol NOT! But it was fun :)
      I notice I am incredibly behind, but I'm trying to catch up :) Funny story about looking back at this day as I wrote it in my journal. I numbered 284 as 214 and proceeded to write 215, 216,a nd so on until 330. Today I caught the mistake and renumbered them all. Number 300, or more correctly 370, is about reaching 300 things I'm thankful for. It's quite funny. But alas, I'm not quite there in sharing with you all. We'll get there sometime ;)

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