Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Walks to the Park and Shelving Books- Two Wonderful Things

     I love when the weather is perfect for a family walk. :) This day I didn't get a whole lot of homework done, but I did make it down to the library to shadow Meri for a few hours. I do believe I will love this job! I enjoyed putting the books back and checking them in. Someday I'll have the whole library memorized, but for now I've been running through a mental map of the library. It's pretty small so the biggest concern is where different types of books go. I've learned so much more about the library in one day than I found out in ten years! I can't wait to know where everything goes. :)
      The rest of the day consisted of a family walk to our wooden park. I got to watch the sunset (or at least the beginning of it) through the woods surrounding the park. It was absolutely beautiful! We played tag, went on the muddy tire swing, and I wrote down many small things I was thankful for. Bonus points for remembering to bring my journal! The only downside of the whole trip is that we didn't get to go on the boardwalk. I was really looking forward to the sound of the river rushing over rocks and trees. So before we left I ran down to the river and stood there for a second just listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. I'm sure if people were watching they would have thought me crazy to just stand there with a smile on my face listening.  I had to run back in order to catch my family before they left!
      It was wonderful to have those few moments of just being alone with nature. I smile even now thinking about it (and it's been a week!). One thing I really need to do is just stop and listen every now and then. I forget how much it rejuvenates me. The only other thing I wanted to mention is that my relationship with Kaity has been budding lately. It's so great to feel a difference. The only change is me, and it's been wonderful seeing the results. :)

April 16, 2013
177. Shown around the library by Meri
178. Beautiful green grass and blue skies
179. Working with Kaity on her homework
180. Sitting on the couch with Kagen and Kaitlyn. Three siblings all cozy together. :)
181. Running out to meet Dad at his car
182. "Storming" Dad's car. Kaity made a real good "attack" by jumping in the car and closing all the doors. ;)
183. Walking home from the library all alone, just like it'll be with work
184. Feeling a difference on my side of a sibling relationship as I try to respond better. It's going well. So far. :)
185. Birds on a wire
186. Three sisters on a tire swing, one brother pushing
187. Tag with the whole family
188. The sunset through a thickly wooded area, all the trees yet to grow their leaves
189. A sister full of energy- Carris
190. A daughter calling for her father to push her on the tire swing and he gladly comes and does it. (Kaity and Dad)
191. A mother watching as her kids grow up to be 'too old' to play on the playscape
192. Pink skies
193. Window reflections of a family of six taking a walk
194. A little sister really wanting to do safety patrol- Kaity
195. Running to the river to hear its beautiful sounds before we had to leave the park
196. Walking with my arm around my mom because she's cold :)
197. Linking arms with Carris and Mom.
198. The first flowers to bloom, dainty little purple flowers scattered in our front yard :)
       Yes I realize I am a whole week behind! It is my goal to at least play catch up only every other day or three not seven. However, since this blog is mostly for my own use right now I will be posting all last seven days individually as planned. So sorry for inconvenience.

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