Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a Ravenclaw!, Chatting With Sisters, and Cold, Beautiful Bike Rides

      Well, this was a day of me looking up a whole bunch of stuff dealing with Ravenclaws. Yep, the Harry Potter house for intellectuals, aka nerds. I pride myself in being a Ravenclaw. No, I'm not always the smartest person. Honestly, I'm more book smart than street smart though. The big reason that screams "Ravenclaw!" is that I love to learn. Seriously, I get thrills from it. Just talking about science makes my blood tingle. And my normal go to activities involve reading books, looking up literary techniques, and reading encyclopedias or dictionaries (yes I have done both, though not all the way through or very often). Occasionally I'll watch a TV series like Merlin or Sherlock. Ok, those are the only TV series I've seen. Yep. I do watch movies with my family, but I don't watch TV. Ever really. The previously mentioned TV series I borrowed DVDs or hunted them down on youtube when they were up (Merlin has since been taken down).
      I love history and English literature. I hate math, but to compensate for that downfall I should let you know that it is my goal to learn to enjoy math while I am homeschooled. So yes, I am a nerd. Even amongst the nerds of a school, I am a nerd. Before leaving the public school systems, everyone figured I would be their Val Victorian. At the time, that was the last thing I wanted because you have to make a speech. Since then, I have given my first speech... to four hundred people. Yah, crazy! I enjoyed it though and didn't get nervous at all. Funny.
      Anyways, the point is that though I may not have all the terms memorized of things or the biggest vocabulary (note the usage of the word things haha), I am a Ravenclaw. Or a Gryffindor. But that's a really long story with a lot of reasons behind it. Just know that if I wasn't placed in Ravenclaw, I'd be in Gryffindor. To give you an idea of a bit of me, my sister says I'm a mixture of Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger. Not a part and part but whole and whole mixture.
      Besides my Ravenclaw obsession today, my sisters each ended up in my room at some point and one on one we talked about really random things. Then later in the evening, we all went to McDonalds for ice cream, despite it being freezing cold (we wore gloves and scarves!). The bike ride was beautiful, and I do believe the cold heightened the beauty of the outdoors. :)

April 20, 2013
240. Snow on the ground and all water frozen
241. French toast and Greek yogurt flavored with honey and strawberry
242. Laundry
243. After most snow has melted, the grass lays green as ever, robins hop around in the backyard, and glistening white snow hugs the tree bases and fence sides.
244. Eating cinnamon tortillas with my family
245. Knowing I'm a Ravenclaw, but if I had to be placed somewhere else it would be Gryffindor.
246. My scores for each house are as follows:
             Ravenclaw- 92
             Gryffindor- 85
             Hufflepuff- 74
             Slytherin- 57
247. Being an extrovert and introvert
248. Harry Potter's influence on culture (the positive influences)
249. I enjoy history :)
250. Routine homework assignments: classes I always know what is expected of me
251. Science textbooks to cuddle up with and study for upcoming tests :) (and yes, this has been a very long ongoing joy of mine. I like to say it's the biggest proof of being a Ravenclaw)
252. Chores like doing the dishes and laundry
253. A sister that wants to help me with chores (Carris)
254. My younger sister, Carris, wearing a pretty, white, and flowy blouse
255. Kaitlyn coming to give me a hug
256. Kaity lying on my bed, chatting with me
257. Spinning the globe to see where we would live (Kaity and me)
258. Question game with Kaity in what we want to do in the future
259. The biggest $1 ice cream cone. It was easily 6 inches! My sister, my quirky little sister, Carris, ordered this at McDonalds. haha
260. Outdoor smell of leaves burning in the cold air
261. Frequent snow drifting in the air
262. Living in a world with alien-like beauty
263. Wearing my USA scarf
264. Church bells ringing
265. Cold, cold bike rides
266. Rosy red cheeks
267. The bright white moon high in the air against a brilliant blue sky
268. The colorful sunset: a bright orange and dark purple
269. Carris wanting to borrow my cassette tape iPod touch case. She is so hipster! haha
270. Finding part two of Urban Renewal in the newspaper (it's a series about what Fenton used to be and how it was destroyed and what it will be)
      I seem to have forgotten to include something in this list. During our bike ride, I was riding along and bang a few feet to my right a rabbit began hopping away. It nearly gave me a heart attack suddenly seeing a flash of fur. Carris and I laughed long and hard about it. :) It's a great memory now, but I guess it won't be in my little journal. :( Maybe I'll add it later as forgotten thanksgivings, the ones I didn't write down but meant to (there are a lot more, though not as cool as this one).

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