Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recognizing What I Have, Living Healthy, and One Great Big Happy Family

      The day before this was awful, but this day was wonderfully light and happy. I wrote basically all I would write here in the list. I'll let the list talk for what happened in the day and an update on how making a list of a thousand gifts is impacting me. :)

April 19, 2013
223. Delicious, full breakfast :) (eggs, bacon, and pear)
224. Running the whole distance. True, it was just one street, but there were many times I felt like quitting and didn't. It's just the first day of working out/ running.
225. Healthy, delicious lunch
226. Wearing a new, pretty dress I haven't worn before
227. True Star health- a really good, free program!
228. Clean shaven legs rubbing together
229. Searching all over the kitchen for the little popcorn bowls (which were hidden across three different areas!) :)
230. Singing Mary Poppins songs with Kaity
231. Laughing at the scare I had walking into my room to find Dad in there talking on his phone (I might have screamed haha)
232. Berry smoothies
233. Hugging Carris and her hugging me :)
234. Comfy clothes
235. Soft hugs (with Mama)
236. Cracking ice as it hits cold water
237. Memories of when I was a little girl and Dad and I would compete with who loves who more. It always began with "I love you to the moon and back" and then "the sun and back" "the stars and back" and "this much!" (with my arms held out wide as could be. My dad would then put his hands back to back and say it was infinity. "I love you more than infinity." My brother and I both would participate in this. Oh how I love my dad! and childhood memories :)
238. Realizing through this journal that life is so full of happy little memories. All the things I dream of having: a quaint lifestyle, quirky and fun things I do- I have that, it's just a matter of seeing it and embracing it as my life. It's the bike rides to McDonalds for ice cream, the walks to the park, the shrieking of laughter on the tire swing with one of my best friends. It's singing songs with my siblings, hugs, purposefully working on building good relationships. Oh, yes, I have indeed acquired that life I dream of when I think of a good book and a cup of tea. I have only to find joy in each moment by being thankful. I will (and have) have my mess ups, but all the other moments in between are wonderful. (even if I don't drink as much tea as I would like to ;)
239. Stealing m&ms to eat with popcorn during a movie (we watched Mirror Mirror as a family)

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