Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Fun Day of Shopping, Pizza, and Movies

     Well, Friday was a wonderful Friday. I must admit waking up close to noon was not so pleasant, but the rest of the day was exactly what Fridays should be. :) After returning library books in Fenton (Linden Library isn't open on Fridays!), my mom and I hit a few stores. We visited FARR (I think that's what it's called) where everything is pretty cheap, and they have some pretty nifty stuff. Next we stopped by Goodwill where I found a drying rack. Finally! We have been in need of one too long! Upon returning home, I immediately wrote my mission trip letter for funding, which I still haven't finished. Later that day, my sisters left for an all-nighter and my parents went on a really long date. Yah! That meant Kagen and I had a pretty quiet house to ourselves. Read: relaxation! With permission and funding from our parents, we ordered pizza and sat down to watch not one, but two movies. We went to bed pretty late, but it was a great evening. I must admit I wrote my list of things I am thankful for after the day finished, but I still like every single thing on there. :)

April 12, 2013
118. No pain when I wore and took off my retainer after not wearing it for months
119. Laughter with my sister, Kaitlyn, for she wore two socks on one foot so she could have an extra one, just in case. haha!
120. Deep dish, pineapple-bacon pizza. yum!
121. Finishing things, more correctly, actually getting around to doing them, just doing them
122. Coffee house music
123. 50c books (or was it a quarter)
124. Days so long, I can hardly remember the beginning
125. Dinner and 2 movies with my brother. Had the house to ourselves: sisters at all night and parents on long date. We ordered pizza (which he failed to speak up that he doesn't like deep dish and he wouldn't say what he prefers over pineapple-bacon, just that he does prefer something else. The pizza we ordered was deep dish pineapple bacon. My brother loves me too much, wouldn't let me get anything other than what I liked.) We watched The Incredible Hulk and then Inception
126. Listening to my iPod with my mom in the car and singing along with the songs
127. High heels ;)
128. Perfect purses, staple purses, in really good condition at Goodwill
      This list does not follow my day chronologically at all. I do prefer when I write things down as the day goes, but all the same yesterday went tremendously well. Off I go now to enjoy the rest of today. :)

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