Monday, April 15, 2013

Perfect Spring Weather and Trips Around Town

     Today was wonderfully warm, though a bit windy. I managed to get out twice! My mom and I went for a long walk around town to stretch our legs, and later I went for a bike ride with my youngest sister and my dad. I also found out today my official start day for work. :) All in all it was a wonderful day, though I wish I could have gotten more schoolwork done. I really enjoyed this evening as I helped Kaity get all her homework done quickly before we went for a bike ride to McDonalds for ice cream. :) The weather was nearly perfect for such a cool dessert. The only down side of this evening was the spotting of the first mosquitos (the worst part of Michigan). :( We raced home and happily went to bed (there was only one little spout before bedtime). Other than that not much happened. I do, however, resolve to get a lot of schoolwork done tomorrow!

April 15, 2013
161. Finally finding out when I start work! It's coming up so soon!
162. Walks on warm days
163. A nice, strong breeze that's not quite cold but tugs at my hair. It feels good :)
164. Clearing out my email box (yikes!)
165. Bike rides on warm evenings in the spring
166. Quick trips to McDonalds for ice cream
167. Ice cream with my chatty sister, Kaity
168. Kaitlyn finishing her homework with smiles all around
169. Going to bed in shorts, finally!
170. Seeing five cranes fly across the stormy sky while eating our ice cream as the first drops of rain drizzle down
171. Passing messages with my sister via sticky notes on doors
172. Seeing my sisters embrace lovingly (and dramatically) before they go to bed :)
173. Really messy buns ;)
174. A nearly clean room due to doing laundry
175. A drying rack that we finally acquired, and I used it for the first time today :)
176. A father that is strict and reminds me of his authority and my place to obey and honor him. He genuinely cares that I am doing the right thing. All of this I am reminded of when he came to me firmly saying that he might ground me if I can't be more responsible with my homework and that I need to send my letters out. At first I was upset. This was because I knew I was in the wrong and should be doing what he's commanding I do. Once he left I realized I should be thankful, no, I am genuinely thankful to have a dad like him, especially when he cracks down on me about responsibility. Tomorrow I will get lots of homework done!

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