Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dancing When No One is Looking, Ice Cream, and Beautiful Mornings

     There are quite a number of things on my list to be thankful for today. Perhaps there won't be that many all the time, but today was a very happy day with beauty in every moment. No dark cloud could rain on my parade today. Oh no! I was as happy as can be due to a pleasant awakening and lots of sunshine this morning. Not to mention I accomplished quite a bit: all my laundry done (quite a hefty task if you ask me), room clean, history, reading, and more. Tomorrow I'm having a friend over, and Thursday I'm going to a thrift store I haven't been to before. I am so excited for this week. :D As for now, here are some Instagram pictures from today and the small things I was (am) thankful for:

4. Birds chirping outside my window, heralding in the new spring.
5. Clean rooms and clean houses
6. Time to dance like a fool when no one is watching
7. Seeing my siblings play joyfully outside
8. Cookies and Cream ice cream cones
9. Waking up in the morning with sunlight flooding the house and mom smiling as she makes coffe
10. Getting up in time to wave goodbye to Dad like a little three year old as he leaves for work :)
11. Wearing dresses, tights, scarves, and random jewelry and "dressing up" to feel like a girl scout all day (hehe)
12. For little girls with blonde locks smiling up at me to say that their favorite princesses are "Cinderella" and "Thumbelina". (in toddler room on Easter Sunday, March 30, 2013 during church)
13. Bright blue skies and floating, white puffy clouds
14. The sight of a lone bird soaring overhead, its wings spread out wide. It looked quite like the pretty tattoos of sparrow, though I don't know if it was actually a sparrow.
15. The happy moment when I realized I can listen to Pandora again on my iPod since it's a new month and the hours per month has started over again. :)
16. The sweet taste of bagels
(Post with the first three points on my list of one thousand gifts is here http://agoodbookandtea.blogspot.com/2013/04/pure-joy-in-giving-thanks-everyday.html)

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