Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saturdays, Days Where the Whole Family Is There and I Never Quite Get a Lot Done or Know What Happens

     I don't quite remember Saturday very much, it sort of blurred by, as they usually do. Often Saturdays are days where I work quietly in my room while everyone else fights a little with each other at some point in the day. Sometimes they fight over school work or wanting Mom (if Mom is gone shopping) or with other siblings over toys. Nonetheless, Saturdays are fairly bright days without much happening. This Saturday was no exception. The only event of the day carried on all day: my youngest sister had not yet completed all her make up work and spring break was going to end Monday. She was quite distraught over it and didn't want to do any of it. My oh my yes a prolonged event. I had plenty of happy moments in the day though and below is a list of what I noticed and was thankful for throughout the day.

April 6, 2013
50. Small touches to an outfit, like a pearl (fake) bracelet, that make me feel so pretty
51. Letting go of anxiety of the last two days: a shopping trip that felt like a fail and had me high strung and yesterday when I kept worrying my mom didn't actually want me  out all day and into the night (plans kept prolonging my day with friends). Turns out I'm really happy with what I got on my shopping trip Thursday and my mom seemed fine with my really long, really fun day with Ruth and Jess W.
52. My youngest sister embracing me with all her sad, sad, heart and letting out all her tears
53. Robins sitting on the next door house's roof with the wind ruffling their feathers
54. Laughing with my dad when he joked around. :) I love him and might possibly have the best dad in the world! ;) (I'm sure of it) He's so funny and loves us so much! xoxo
55. The color light blue
56. Crisp, fresh apples
57. Sweet potatoes, really sweet, sweet potatoes. yum :)
58. A spunky, crazy sister- Carris. She cracks me up.
59. Blistery breezes
60. Having shakes with my dad at McDonalds
      Saturday was a pleasant day. I'm glad I kept track of what I was thankful for throughout the day and didn't just catalog it at the end of the day. Yes this is another late post, but hopefully I will be all caught up by the end of today :)

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