Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sudden Adventures

     This last Friday began with a fairly early morning and plans to have coffee with my friends. A place called Gatsby Grind had just reopened under new ownership, and one of my friends, Ruth, was working that day. Jess W. and I planned to go visit for an hour or so after she got out of work. After a few time changes, it was finally decided we would meet at one. Due to my brother's social life, aka my mom needed to pick up his friend sooner than one, I was left in the parking lot of a strip of small stores. There was a very particular one I wanted to go to: Reboot Resale, which had also just reopened under new ownership. I was there for one thing only, okay perhaps two or three. Point is, I needed shorts. Good news is, I walked out of there with a pair! (Finding shorts for me is so crazy hard, especially since I'm looking for knee length shorts for a tall girl!) So, a successful trip I'd say, not to mention the one practical shirt, one pretty shirt, one pair of capris, and one super cute skirt I picked up as well. Haha, but my mom liked it all, or at least didn't express disapproval, so it was all good.
     Another plus from going to that thrift store before meeting my friends is that I got a coupon for a dollar off a drink at Gatsby Grind. :) Perfect. Upon arriving at the coffee shop, I chatted with the owner, and she made me up a wonderful mocha, with promises to make me a new one if it was too much coffee (she was so nice). The medium drink I ordered for $2.50 was delivered in a massive glass jar! And it was absolutely delicious!
     My friends and I chatted for a while and plans began flying around the room like crazy. Soon we had plans that would delay me from getting home until after 6 pm! Already my two hour meet up was turning into an all day adventure. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Off we went to waste time in the nearby thrift stores until we needed to go to the movies. Soon 3 o'clock was upon us and we were off to see The Host, which was quite good except the large amount of making out. From there, our adventure took us wandering to the house of nearby friends, the Hutchs, who live by the theater and almost always have an open house. We ended up staying until 9:30. Wow, the day had been filled with one great big adventure with my friends, Ruth and Jess W. All day I was left to worrying if my mom was truly okay with it (texting doesn't always portray emotions properly). By the time I got home it was after 10 pm, but my parents seemed perfectly fine with it. After all, I had been with Jess all day, and they trusted her like a second mother. In the end I had so much to be thankful for. Here follows the list, which sadly I did not write in the moment but rather after the day's adventures.

April 5, 2013
34. A mother that adjusts her plans when mine are changed dramatically
35. Finding basic items in thrift stores- easily
36. Time to shop on my own
37. Really nice café owner, namely the owner of Gatsby Grind, that offered to make me another mocha if I didn't like that one because she knows (from a few minutes of talking) that I don't like coffee very much.
38. Really good mochas in really big cups at the Gatsby Grind
39. Unexpected coupons- saving money is always good
40. On the spot planning to turn a two hour visit into a day of adventure- how I love my friends!
41. A mom that lets me take off with my amazing college friends who have licenses
42. Movies that make me cry and melt a little thinking about romance. (went to see The Host today)
43. Unexpected visits to the Hutch's (always fun)
44. Cheering up a friend that's sick
45. Making plans and laughing with my bestest and sweetest of friends: Tori, Jess W., Jess H., and Ruth.
46. Having friends that want to plan a girls' day of wedding magazines, soppy romance movies, and lots and lots of talking (involving random topics and lots of laughter)
47. Knowing the Hutch's place is a safe, fun environment to drop in on. :)
48. Hugs with the sweetest of people, cheek to cheek embraces of true care and love perhaps with unexpected people so the hug suddenly opens the door to an amazing friendship with someone I truly do think is the sweetest of people, Ruth.
49. Parents that let me come in late since I was with trustworthy friends. :)
       Yes, this is another really late post. Do forgive me. One other note is that this is a really long post. I'm certain it's because I wrote the list of things I'm thankful for after the day was done. Hm... I really did enjoy this day a lot. And I definitely recommend the Gatsby Grind! I'm sure to go again! :)

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