Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rushing, Upset, and Turn Arounds

     Today began horribly. I awoke to the information that I needed to be completely ready in 25 minutes. I also needed to use all the water I would use for the day in that time since people were coming to put in a new water system. How chaotic of a morning! At first I was upset, and perhaps rightly so, however after I was ready with the basics of the morning being dressed, brushed, and ironing done, I found myself pleasantly awake with time to spare. My anger had turned into thanksgiving for God having the water guys come earlier than expected. I realized I never would have worked as fast if the morning hadn't gone as it had. I would have slept in horribly late, felt miserable and potentially grumpy all day, and not get as much done as I did since I had to get up earlier. As it turned out I got some homework done before we left to go shopping.
     We went to Morgan's Boutique in Holly, Mi. The place was fairly good. Everything was roughly $8-15 from shirts to dresses. Therefore, the dresses were a great price, and the shirts sometimes not. The whole time we were shopping I felt disgruntled and unhappy, like we weren't being productive or I should have been alone or something. I couldn't quite place a finger on. The day got better though, and I ended up enjoying the day quite a bit. Here are the things that I found reason to be thankful for. Even now, they brighten my day. :)

April 4, 2013

I got these super cute leather boots while
shopping for just $10! They were one of
 those things I've always wanted
 and now have. 
27. Awkenings to find out the hot water guy will be here earlier than expected, in fact in 25 minutes, and we have to use all the water we're going to use for the day in that time. At first I was upset and frazzled, but I realized my quick awakening got me up earlier and ready faster. :)
28. Leftover taco soup being used as tomato soup for our grilled cheese. This meant I actually ate the soup left after dipping my sandwich in it. Loved it! Practically two meals in one: taco soup and grilled cheese.
29. Shadows and fun stories with them, like the narwhale (a bowl with a spoon in it) killing and eating my water bottle. My sister, Carris, is so crazy. :)
30. Sisters to sing songs with in the car
31. Shopping for pretty dresses
32. Ice cream with Mom and Kagen
33. Great deals, finding treasures, and checking off things I've always wanted (and now have)!
       I also really enjoyed a walk to the library and then a walk to Subway with Kagen. And of course my BLT foot long was delicious. ;) This is another post written and put up late. Do forgive me :)

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